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  Recent Testimonials

   "Hi everyone. I started the program in August and have been doing the program on and off since then. My erect length has gone from 5.75 in. to 6.75in., and I definitely see that it is stronger and just barely working towards its potential. Thanks a bunch!! :-)"

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   "I have only been doing the program a week and can already see its effects. I have not grown any yet but my erections are rock hard and my ejaculation is way more intense. I can't wait to see the growth results. Thanks for the help"

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   "Hi I've been on your program for almost 2 months and have gained nearly 3 centimeters in length and over 1 centimeter in girth. Still looking for more, but VERY HAPPY with the results so far. I really enjoy your site, it's great! Thanks!"

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   "I have never seen my wife go as nuts over my dick like she does now! I think she might like to see actally how much she could handle! I have had very good results so far, nearly an inch in length and almost a half inch in girth. I really want to get over 8". Thanks for your program and your time."

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   "I had read over your many testimonials and was very impressed so I decided to give this a try. After all what man doesn't want a larger cock? Based on what I have read from others I am guessing I am one of your older members at 69 years young. I am sexually active but like many men my age, have trouble sometimes getting or keeping a full erection. Your program has worked wonders for my erection in terms of both size and strength. I much prefer your natural methods to the use of prescription drugs and such. Thank you for keeping this old man in 'full' form."

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   "First I would like to say I am pleased with the format of your site and the ease at which the program can be followed. Secondly, after purchasing the program, I have used it diligently for twelve (12) consecutive weeks with very impressive results in my opinion. Specifically, I've increased my erect length by 3/4 of an inch and my erect girth is up over 1/2 an inch. I must commend your team on a very well-planned and thorough site, and my results are certainly proof that your system does indeed work if you make a dedicated effort. Thank you for your cooperation."

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How important is our program to your sexual and penile health? Consider these facts:

  FACT # 1

  The average size of the erect penis is only 6.25" in length and 4.75" in girth. Over 90% of all men fall within the 6" - 7" range for length.

Tell us, are you satisfied being just "average" or below average?

  FACT # 2

  Most men (approximately 85%) ejaculate within 3 minutes of penetration.

Tell us, can you really satisfy your partner in only 3 minutes?

  FACT # 3

  More than 100 million men worldwide suffer from impotence (also known as erectile dysfunction).

Tell us, don't you deserve a healthy, rewarding sex life?

  FACT # 4

  Studies have shown that over 75% of all men have poor or restricted blood circulation to the penis and testicles. Decreased blood flow lowers the male sex hormone, causing an alarming drop in sex drive and desire.

Tell us, could you be enjoying sex more often?

  FACT # 5

  By the age of 28, 95% of men cannot attain erections 1/4 as often as they did at age 20. And by the age of 35, erections are less than 1/10 as frequent. As men age, the frequency of erections continues to decrease dramatically.

Tell us, don't you want to have rock hard erections regardless of your age?

  FACT # 6

  It is estimated that more than half of all men (56%) experience curvature of the penis.

Tell us, wouldn't your partner find a strong, straight penis more comfortable during lovemaking?

  FACT # 7

  One out of every five (1 out of 5) break-ups is caused by sexual dysfunction, which leads to partner dissatisfaction.

Tell us, is your partner truly satisfied with your sex life? Are you?

  FACT # 8

  In a recent survey, nearly 100% of our members admit that having a larger, healthier penis has greatly improved the quality of their life and their relationships.

The biggest improvements mentioned (in order of importance) were in their overall confidence level, their sexual stamina, their ability to completely satisfy their partners and their more intense orgasms.

Average Penis Length

As mentioned above, the length of the average penis is 6.25 inches and the girth of the average penis is 4.75 inches.

Tell us, how do you compare to other men?

Penis Size Chart
Small under 6"
Average 6" - 7"
Large 7" - 8"
Enormous over 8"

So tell me, would you like to have a longer, thicker and healthier penis?

If so, you can get complete access to our incredible penis enlargement program instantly by joining right now.

And remember, we guarantee results or we'll refund your money, so there's absolutely no reason not to give it a try. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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